viernes, 21 de marzo de 2008

Cities and Climate Change Symposium

Cities and Buildings: Architecture for the Green City
Marzo 28, 2008

Cities and Systems: Strategies for the Future
Junio 9, 2008
The Boston Society of Architects and MIT's School of Architecture and Planning are initiating two open symposia starting in March 2008, gathering leading urbanists from the United States and overseas to frame the issues and opportunities facing the modern city in a period of global climate change and resource depletion. The goal is to establish a design and policy agenda for Boston and the New England region that benefits from best practices elsewhere and sets new standards for ensuring the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the city in a global economy. Speakers include architects, engineers, urban and regional planners, political leaders and specialists in urban policy, public health, new technologies and transportation. The expected audience reflects an equally wide range of interests whose common point of enquiry is the future design and development of the 'green city'. More information.

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